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Roediger Vacuum Sewer System Buena Vista Estate, Nigeria

The housing area of Buena Vista Estate is located on the peninsula of Lekki, which belongs to the metropolitan area of Lagos. Lagos is the most populated city of Nigeria and the second fastest growing city in Africa. The older parts of Lagos on the mainland are very densely populated and new space for development is not available. Therefore new areas habe been developed in the Lekki peninsula.


Construction works are difficult to be executed on the Lekki Peninsula. Since it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the West and the Lagos Lagoon on the East the ground water table is approximately 1 m / 3.2 ft below ground. Its earth consists of sandy soil, which is often part of soil exchange respectively from land fill. In the wet season its swampy ground makes construction work even more problematic. Therefore the construction company searched for a solution that kept the construction period as short as possible and construction less invasive.


It was decided that Aqseptence was best suited to the Buena Vista Estate project as their innovative vacuum technology was ideal for the conditions. Considering the time contraints due to the wet season the Roediger System proved to be an efficient solution. Using the vacuum system also ensured that no infiltration water could enter the system and it positevely determined the size of the sewerage treatment plant which is located next to the vacuum station. The construction works at the site of the network took approximately 7 months.

Key Features

Total number of inhabitants: 2100 PE
Installation: Mai 2011 -  December 2011
Start-up: December 2011

Technical Data

Total Number of Inhabitants: 2,100 people
Collection Chambers: 60 Roevac® G75 Collection Chambers
Vacuum Valves: 60 Roevac® 75 mm / 3 in Membrane Valve

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