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Vacuum Sanitation Airport Sa Carneiro, Portugal

Envisaging the European Football Championship 2004, Portugal decided to completely extent its existent airport at Porto to become the second largest of the country. The new airport “Sá Carneiro” has been designed to become one of Europe’s most modern airports and the construction time should be minimized. A keen architectonic design demands for a flexible solution of the infrastructure, especially when it is referred to the collection of the different wastewaters from a complex building.


Due to increasing water prices and scarcities in Southern Europe, the airport of “Sá Carneiro” should become a showcase for a modern and clean sanitation with water savings.


The water saving effect in the airport is achieved by Roediger® vacuum toilets made of sanitary china and stainless steel in the public areas.

Key Features

As each toilet flushes with only 1 liter compared to a conventional toilet (8-10 liters), the water saving in the whole airport is enormous and adds up to over 26.000 m³ per year.

Technical Data

Type of Plant:
Individual Large Plant
Vessel: 2 x 7000 l Vacuum Steel Tank
Vacuum Pumps: 4 x 11.0 kW, 400 m3/h
Discharge Pumps: 2 x 4.0 kW
Control Cabinet: 1200x2000x400/ WxHxD
Bio Filter: 3000x2000x1700/ LxWxH

Commissioning: October 2005

180 x Vacuum toilets wall type stainless steel
  60 x Vacuum toilets wall type Vitreous China
240 x Installation frames for wall type toilets
112 x Suction units PE 5 connected are 456 wash basins
  56 x Suction units type PE 7 connected are 280 urinals
  44 x Suction units type PE 7 connected are 88 showers
    4 x Suction units type 1 connected are 4 grease separators
  48 x Suction units AE 25 connected are 45 wash basins
  12 x Vacuum floor drains stainless steel

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