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Overwater Bungalows at Disney in Orlando, FL

Noted as Disney’s highest end vacation rentals, 20 bungalows were to be developed on a pier structure over water.


In addition to collecting the wastewater from each bungalow, drain water from twenty 1,000 gallon plunge pools were to be collected too. The challenge was to design a wastewater collection system, where the piping could be securely fastened to the pier and buried on land, while maintaining a visually pleasing appearance.


The vacuum sanitation system provided the most economical, ecological and effective solution. The wastewater from each bungalow and plunge pool collects in a dual 25 gallon collection sump that is installed beneath each bungalow. The normally closed 3” vacuum interface valves were installed in a maintenance closet, allowing easy and safe access. These vacuum interface valves are completely pneumatic. Therefore, no additional power was required at each bungalow. Installing the collection sumps beneath the bungalows and anchoring the small diameter piping tightly to the pier, provided the visually pleasing appearance the client required.

Technical Data

Vacuum Station

• 1,000 gallon collection tank

• (2) 200 CFM oil-less and internal coated vacuum pump

• (2) 150 GPM discharge pumps

Collection Chambers

• (20) dual 25 gallon collection sumps

• (40) 3” vacuum interface valves

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