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Case Studies

Discover the exciting & diversified case studies of Aqseptence Group!

Browse through our case studies below, which represent our innovative and core competences in the fields of filtration & separation and water technology. Our case studies illustrate how we have helped our customers to implement the correct solutions for their specific requirements.

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Vacuum Technology Systems

  • Vacuum Sewer System in Buena Vista Estate, Parcel A, Nigeria

    The housing area of Buena Vista Estate is located on the peninsula of Lekki, which belongs to the metropolitan area of Lagos. Lagos is the most populated city of Nigeria and the second fastest growing city in Africa. The older parts of...

  • Olympic Stadium Kiev, Ukraine

    Our sanitary system technology enables a flexible pipe laying with very small pipe diameter and simultaneously reduces the wastewater peak flow.

  • Vacuum Sewer System in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

    Palm Jumeirah, Dubai installs the Roediger Vacuum Sewer System as ideal solution to their sewerage requirements.

  • Vacuum Sewer System Eicher See

    Aqseptence Group installed a Roediger Vacuum Sewer System with flood-proof collection chambers.

  • Vacuum Sanitation project in the North Sea: Tennet HelWin 1

    Offshore wind generation requires many added installations.

  • Vacuum Sanitation Astana Expo 2017 Basement Building

    The Expo 2017 in Kasachstan is the Mega Event of this year. With expected 5,000,000 visitors, it will be one of the largest exhibitions worldwide. In fierce competition, Roediger won the contract to design and build the vacuum system...


Water Treatment Systems

  • Wastewater treatment plant Ginsheim-Gustavsburg

    The wastewater treatment plant Ginsheim-Gustavsburg treats the sewage of the city of Ginsheim-Gustavsburg as well as of the commune Bischofsheim. The system is constructed for a population equivalent (PE) of 32,500 and is currently...

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Hechingen RSI

    A drum screen - about 20 years old and in need of repair - at the Hechingen waste water treatment plant had to be replaced. The new machine should conform to the state of the art and take over fine screening behind the coarse screen as...

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Emden Aqualogic

    The main wastewater treatment plant of Emden in its current form was commissioned in 1983. The plant, which is aerobically stabilised and fed by a separate sewer system is designed for a population equivalent (PE) of 90,000 and charged...

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Erwitte-Nord

    Further improvement and homogenisation of the already satisfying nitrogen outlet values as well as savings in flocculants and energy consumption. Easy handling of the control system and high reliability was desirable.

  • Wastewater treatment plant Hahnstätten

    The wastewater treatment plant of Hahnstätten in its current form is charged with a population equivalent (PE) of 15,000. It was commissioned in 1994.

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Gotha

    The wastewater treatment plant in the city of Gotha, located in the county of the same name, has been built in 1993 and treats the wastewater of the city of Gotha as well as of surrounding villages. At the time of its construction it was...

  • Niedernhausen WWTP

    The wastewater treatment plant Niedernhausen has two combi tanks which have been equipped with Passavant® scraper technology for circular tanks 20 years ago. The scrapers are made of bent aluminum profiles and have separate, advanced...

  • Wastewater treatment plant Emschermündung Dinslaken

    With the operator of the wastewater treatment plant Emschermündung in Dinslaken was agreed, to test the prototype of the Passavant® Multi Rake Bar Screen KUR-C under the toughest conditions on their site. The new developed KUR-C as...

  • Gaenserndorf WWTP

    The customer requested several surface aerators Mammutrotoren 1000-7.5 inclusive guide baffle, brake shield and other equipment.


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