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Leidos Mine, Boyers, PA

Leidos Corporation has 40,000 employees and three main divisions: mines, biomedical & US government. They are operating an R&D lab 220 ft. below the earth’s surface in an old limestone mining operation currently managed by the Iron Mountain corporation (IMC). 


IMC has a large document and data storage facility there and shares space with CBS, Major Motion Pictures, SS Administration and dozens of other private and public organizations. The facility is located in the middle of the Marcellus Shale and there are numerous fracking operations in the area. However, the area is geologically secure and there has been zero seismic activity to date despite all the fracking operations. The underground facility is host to many other research and development operations and provides private and confidential storage of data and documents in this underground environment, all managed by IMC. A gravity sewer and wastewater conveyance system is not practical in the mine. The only viable option is vacuum based technology. Leidos needed a more sustainable solution for their waste and sewer waters by recycling all grey and black waters from their research and development operations in a closed loop system. Potable water is both expensive and difficult to obtain in the mine and is only used for drinking purposes.


Airvac designed a system that met all customer expectations and specifications using their proprietary vacuum sewer and wastewater system technology, vacuum toilets, sump valves and other customized plumbing hardware. Leidos will hook up a bioreactor to treat the wastewater pumped by the Airvac vacuum wastewater conveyance system. Leidos plans to produce a small amount of biosludge from the wastewater which will go to a landfill or treatment facility. As a result, treated wastewater will be recycled for use in research and development center operation. There are no available wastewater treatment plants in the geographic area, so the ability to minimize both waste and water are important not only in reducing overall operating costs, but they are also environmentally sustainable practices.

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