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Passavant Gravity Thickener

Passavant® Gravity Thickener offers a particularly economic solution for the mechanical thickening process. The robust, tried and tested gravity thickeners are designed for a maximum pressure of 0.58 psi on the bottom scraper blades which enables sludge thickening of up to 600 g/l (80 oz/gal), depending on the type of sludge.

Unique Selling Point

  • Energy efficient due to lower energy demand
  • Low wear and tear as only slow-running components
  • Low maintenance as no bearings below the waterline
  • Reliable operation due to electronic overload protection with motor management
  • Replacement of drive parts possible for operation without tank drainage
  • Long service life of ball bearing slewing ring due to forced lubrication


    The raw, mixed or digested sludge flows into the circular tank through a centrally positioned, rotating distributor cylinder. The subsequent thickening process is intensified by means of the vertically mounted stirring members. The sludge in the bottom area, which has the highest thickness concentration, is conveyed by the echelon-type scraper blade assembly into the sludge hopper, from where it is drawn off by hydrostatic pressure or respectively pumped off to further treatment facilities.

    Depending on the mode of operation, the supernatant is drawn, continuously or discontinuously, from the surface via overflow weir on an outlet channel or via height adjustable or floating supernatant outlets.

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