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Noggerath Centre-Flo™ CF

Aqseptence Group offers you a range of high-quality band screens. The Centre-Flo™ band screen includes integral by-pass, fully contained enclosure for odour containment and control as well as a choice of slotted or perforated screen surfaces. Each machine is custom designed to suit the specific treatment needs, allowing the machine to handle all treatment processes, from conventional to membranes.

Unique Selling Point

The Centre-Flo™ features easy installation, maintenance and operation:

  • The Centre-Flo™ is typically supplied in one piece, ready to install in-channel, no on-site assembly is required.
  • Our solids handling products such as screw wash presses are designed to easily and seamlessly integrate with our Centre-Flo™ band screens.
  • All maintenance work is conducted outside of the channel.
  • Numerous inspection panels provide easy access to all parts for routine maintenance.
  • The Centre-Flo™ is installed in-channel using a guiderail and baseplate assembly which means that once in operation, the unit can be lifted and reinstalled into the channel without requiring channel access or draining.
  • Wash water is typically run with recycled plant effluent to reduce operational costs.


The diverter plates direct the influent flow into the submerged section of the screen. The flow then undergoes a 90 degree change in direction to flow through the  Centre-Flo™ screen panels. The screen panels retain the solids and allow the screened effluent to pass through to the subsequent treatment processes. 
Centre-Flo’s are typically controlled based on upstream water level, the band screen remains stationary allowing solids to build up on the screening element. This build-up of solids helps the screen capture finer particles, further increasing capture efficiency.

While in this stationary mode, the head loss across the screening element increases, causing the upstream water level to rise. Once the upstream water level reaches a preset high level the screen will automatically enter a cleaning cycle. During the cleaning cycle, the band screen will rotate which lifts the collected solids and drops them into the discharge flume. The finer solids captured on the screen panels are flushed off the screen using the wash sparge system located on the opposite side of the screen. 
The cleaning cycle will typically run through a complete revolution of the band screen, effectively cleaning the entire screen in one cycle. During the cleaning cycle the upstream water level will continue to drop until the screen is completely cleaned and normal operating levels are reached.

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