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Intech TSM-Module

The utilisation of the Intech TSM-Module® improves the mixing of the precipitant and increases the efficiency of the chemical phosphate elimination.

Unique Selling Point

  •     Improvement of precipitant efficiency due to purely physico-chemical effects
  •     No additional resources required; Simple connection to existing precipitant dosage systems


In order to achieve maximum efficiency in the chemical elimination of phosphate in wastewater treatment plants, it is not only the choice of a suitable precipitant and control strategy which is decisive but also the location in which the dosage takes place and the manner in which it is mixed in.
The utilisation of the Intech TSM-Module® improves the mixing of the precipitant and increases its efficiency. The phosphate discharge concentration can thus be lowered with no variation in the application of the precipitant, or respectively the amount of precipitant used can be reduced whilst the quality of the cleaning process remains constant.
This increase in efficiency occurs in a purely physico-chemical manner and, therefore, no additional resources are required (pump, electricity consumption, etc.).
The TSM-Module® has been developed to optimise the mixing of precipitant into the wastewater stream. The wastewater flows directly through it. Elements mounted at 45° to the pipe axis cut through the current of water and stir it thoroughly. The mixing of the wastewater with the precipitant, which is introduced directly into the module, is effected by a continuous separation, relocation and reunion of the stream of wastewater.

Two variants are available, depending on the quality of the mechanical pre-purification performance of the respective wastewater treatment plant:

  • Standard type for utilisation in wastewater treatment plants with pre-purification treatment and good screening performance
  • A clogging (pigtail forming) resistant variant

The size is individually adjusted to the assigned location and the flow rate. The length of the module depends on the diameter chosen.
Installation is effected, for example, horizontally in a channel, vertically above a diffused aerator in the aeration tank or in a distribution building.


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