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Johnson Architectural Elements Stainless Steel Cleaning and Maintenance

For your cleaning and passivating requirements, Johnson Architectural Elements developed Steel Brite™ treatment to help maintain your stainless steel projects.


Day-to-day exposure to the elements can result in the build-up of grime and airborne deposits on stainless steel exterior products. Steel Brite™ is a unique, all-purpose cleaner specifically designed to remove and restore the material to its like-new condition. 

The two-part cleaning process, consisting of Steel Brite™ and Passivator rinse helps to remove all visual “tea-staining” that can occur when stainless is exposed to corrosive elements such as salt water air or street cleaning salt products and then re-passivation, which provides enhanced resistance to future staining. Advantages to the Steel Brite™ system include:

  • Removal of the grime and deposits of everyday environmental exposure.
  • Removal of hydrocarbon residues and iron oxides formed from acidic rains and other oxidative atmospheric exposure.
  • Neutralizes any acidic residue from atmospheric contaminants.
  • Maintains natural corrosion protection.
  • Supplied in either a one-part or a two-part system, depending on the application program available.
  • Preserves the natural corrosion protection and aesthetic quality of the stainless- steel surface.
  • It’s safe to use. The product can be applied to any number of steel surfaces. Under certain situations, the cleaner chemistry can be modified to ensure complete cleaning of a surface

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