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Johnson Offshore Intake Systems (JOIS™)

JOIS™ Johnson Offshore Intake Systems provide uninterrupted water withdrawal from lakes, rivers and oceans.

Unique Selling Point

  • Easy to install
  • Most even through-flow slot velocities and lowest fish entrainment risk due to the Johnson® original dual-flow modifier
  • Non-plugging surface (only one contact point): particles larger than the slot size are retained outside the screen and particles that pass through the open area enter the screen without becoming wedged in the slot and without abrasion
  • High open area despite the narrowness of individual slots due to the precise original Johnson Screens® manufacturing
  • Low capital costs and no moving parts, no power consumption and low maintenance needs
  • No waste stream, there is no debris brought to the surface
  • More than 4,000 Johnson Screen® solutions installed worldwide
  • Easy cleaning – with a periodic blast of compressed air using our Hydroburst™ system
  • Easy to install
  • Low pressure loss
  • Highly efficient
  • Custom-designed and engineered, low operating costs
  • Low capital costs and no moving parts, no power consumption and low maintenance needs
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • EPA Rule 316b-compliant and also compliant
  • Compliant with UK fish protection laws
  • Low head loss
  • Proven technology for shallow water resources
  • High flow capacity (up to 100,000m³/day), typically fish-friendly design with 0.05 m/s (0.15 ft/sec) through-slot velocity


Johnson Offshore Intake Systems (JOIS™) reliably combine low-maintenance Offshore Water Intake Screens with automated cleaning via pressurized air.
The system consists of two parts: the original Johnson Screens® Passive Water Intake Screen and the Hydroburst™ air powered cleaning unit. Both parts are delivered as an easy to install “plug-and-play” system.

Johnson Screens® are used as offshore screens for deep water intake systems and provide an environmental friendly and safe solution. With regards to site requirements, we provide the best suitable model from our portfolio of the three Johnson® screen types:

  • Standard T-Screen
  • Half-T-Screen and
  • Single S-Screen

Our products can be manufactured in multiple diameters, slot sizes and end caps and can be adapted to suit various environmental conditions and requirements. They comprise a cylindrically-shaped shell made of continuous Vee-wire®, which ensures minimized plugging.


To ensure a reliable and comfortable intake of water, the Hydroburst™ is the essential add-on for Johnson® Passive Water Intake Screens. With regards to screen size, depth and distance to the shore, we will design a suitable Hydroburst™ model, removing debris from the outer surface of the screen and hence ensuring the continuous proper screening operation. Pressurized air backwashes debris which has accumulated on the outer surface of the screen. The natural water current around the screen prevents the particles from settling on the screen again. Therefore, even and especially if the water has a high debris rate, the Hydroburst™ automatic cleaning system of JOIS enables reliable and comfortable operation.


The Hydroburst™ consists of four main components completely mounted on a skid:
1) The air receiver which stores the pressurized air so that the air can be released whenever cleaning is necessary.
2) One or two compressors (redundant use) filling the air receiver directly after a backwash cycle.
3) A suitable number of automatic air valves releasing the air to the Screens in automatic or manual way, and
4) A PLC system which manages and controls all mentioned services.


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