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Johnson Screens Flat Panel Fish Diversion Screens

Strong and durable yet smooth and safe for fish; Johnson Screens® flat panels are designed for applications where fish protection is essential.

Unique Selling Point

  • Proven design
  • No turbulence
  • No high velocity zones
  • Highly efficient
  • Strong, durable construction
  • Guaranteed fit and efficient field assembly
  • Protects fish and fish eggs
  • Lowest and most even through-slot velocity (under 0.5fps)
  • EPA 316b und NMFS-compliant


Johnson Screens® fish diversion screens are used in dam and river systems to protect fish from hydroelectric turbines and pumps/swimming into pump stations. Our flat screens have a low-suction velocity and have been specifically designed to protect fish and other aquatic life. 
The proven design with a high open area of the screens, created with welded Vee-Wire allows natural water flow with no turbulence, no high velocity zones and no "dead" areas. Other screen materials such as woven mesh and looped wire cannot meet the flow efficiency of welded Vee-Wire fish panels. Strong, durable construction, an all-welded, continuous slot, stainless steel or Z-Alloy metal construction ensures that even the largest intake projects can be developed with confidence.
Bilfinger Water Technologies can also design and build fish screen accessories such as slide rails, blank plates, frames, air backwash systems and supports grids for a guaranteed fit and efficient field assembly. Regulatory Compliance Vee-Wire Screens have been identified as best available technology by the EPA and the NMFS. 
The non-plugging high open area design meets the most demanding flow requirements while the smooth flat surface provides a safe barrier for fish and fish egg protection. The design typically maintains a slot velocity of under 0.5 fps. This is critical for creating a non-fish impinging environment and complying with local, state and federal fish screening regulations, our fish diversion screens are recommended by leading environmental authorities as one of the best options to protect marine life. 
Our team can design your system at low-inflow velocities in relation to the ambient flow past the screen. This minimises impingement and entrainment of fish and debris.

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