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Geiger Electric Fish Immobilisation System

Fish immobilisation systems are only used (optionally) as a supplement to fish return systems on travelling band screens to ensure that fish that remain tired in the channels are not exhausted by trying to swim back.

Unique Selling Point

  • Applicable for rivers and lakes
  • Ensures that fish do not try to avoid a fish return system
  • Prevents fish or juvenile eel becoming exhausted
  • Helps ensure that fish are returned to the water source
  • A gentle and stress-free return of the fish is ensured
  • Can ideally be combined with the proven Geiger MultiDisc® as well as the Geiger® Travelling Band Screens (in-to-out-flow pattern), since this design allows the highest protection level of aquatic life against impingement and damage


The fish immobilisation systems are located at the inlet chambers and prevent fish or cyclostomata from trying to avoid a fish return system. For a short while the fish are prevented from swimming backwards by the activation of short electric pulse sequences in front of the filtration machines. The system is used when it is likely that fish trying to avoid a fish return system may exhaust themselves.
The immobilisation of the fish and cyclostomata in the inlet chamber is accomplished by the emission of short electric pulse sequences. The fish become momentarily immobilized and are then easily caught into the fish buckets of our rotating screens. In combination with the Geiger MultiDisc® and the Geiger® in-to-out travelling band screens, highest survival rates have been experienced. The fish immobilisation system is activated a few times a day whereas the fish return system/fish buckets should be active 24 hours.

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