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Fiber Pressure Screen

Johnson Screens' fiber screens are design for long life and fiber fractionation. Johnson Screens' pressure screens optimize your equipment performance to get the most out of your process. Johnson Screens manufactures screens for all makes and models of equipment and screens as large as 3 M x 3 M.  


Johnson Screens developed its pulp and paper product line to satisfy all requirements for mill filtration and similar processes. Pulp, Paper and Recycling Industries use our screen and other equipment for fractionation, fiber retention, water clarification, cleaning dewatering pulp screen, and drying and other liquid-solid separation processes.    

We understand that energy is a huge cost driver at your plant and design our pressure screen baskets to meet your energy consumption and you're process needs. Our fiber baskets coupled with a good rotor design can improve your throughput and fiber fractionation.        


Our screens have been used in the following applications:   

 - Approach Flow

 - Recycled Fiber

 - Chemical Pulp

 - Mechanical Pulp

 - Coating screens  

In addition to our specific pulp and paper product line, we offer a wide range of filtration and other liquid/solid separation products to assist you with all your process needs, such as water intake, wastewater treatment and other separations applications in your pulp and paper mill.                           

With a wide range of wire and rod shapes, sizes and materials, we will work with
you to select the ideal combination of the product.

  •  Johnson Screens manufacture baskets to work in any OEM screening equipment
  • We match wire geometry - width - angle - height - pressure drop - passing velocities
  • Cage vs Non-Caged
  • Screens are designed to optimize your process.

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Aqseptence Group Japan Limited, Yokohama

Sales Location
Daiwa Jisho Bldg. 74-1,
Yamashita-Cho Naka-Ku, Yokohama
231-0023 Kanagawa

Tel: +81 45 661 3575

Fax: +81 45 661 1921



Aqseptence Group (India) Private Limited, Ahmedabad

Sales and Manufacturing Location
E-540, GIDC, Sanand-II Industrial Estate,
Village: Bol, Tak: Sanand,
Gujarat 382170, Ahmedabad

Tel: +91 2717 618000



Aqseptence Group Pty Ltd., Brisbane

Sales and Manufacturing Location
88 Brickyard Road,
Geebung 4034 QLD
PO Box 85, Virginia DC,
QLD 4014

Tel: +61 7 3867 5555

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Aqseptence Group SAS, Soissons

Sales and Manufacturing Location
108 route de Reims
02200 Billy-sur-Aisne

Tel: +33 3 23 75 05 42

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North America

Aqseptence Group, Inc., New Brighton, MN

Sales and Manufacturing Location
1950 Old Hwy 8 NW,
New Brighton, MN 55112

Tel: +1 651 636 3900

Fax: +1 651 638 3171


South America

Aqseptence Group Filtration Ltda., Sao Paulo

Sales and Manufacturing Location
Av. do Taboão 1.195 – Térreo, Taboão
São Bernardo do Campo,
Sao Paulo 09655-000

Tel: +55 11 4341-5777

Fax: +55 11 4393-0414


South America

Aqseptence Group S.A., Santiago

Sales and Manufacturing Location
Av. El Roble 315
9390381 Lampa, Santiago

Tel: +56 02 9280700

Fax: +56 02 9280705


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