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Architectural Featured Installations

Johnson Architectural Elements manufactures pieces and systems that are the key elements in architectural designs around the world.

Listed below are a few examples of installations of Johnson Architectural Elements. 

Unique Selling Point

New applications are regularly being created using Johnson Architectural Elements, thanks to the endless creativity of architects, builders and designers.


Torrey Pines Bank – Los Angeles

Torrey Pines Bank is a rapidly growing California business bank. In one of the branches in Los Angeles, Johnson Architectural Elements provided several stainless steel column covers obscuring support beams in the main lobby.  The column wraps, 2 in. diameter and 10 in. tall, required the highest level of fabrication precision and aesthetic quality given the prestigious location and client base.


The project required design, fabrication and installation in only 30 days, which was accomplished to the delight of the customer.


Century College – St. Paul, MN

Century College is a small community and technical college in St. Paul, MN.  The college did, however, want to project a high-tech, modern design in the Kopp Technology Center and the campus IT Support Center.  Johnson Architectural Elements provided numerous, sleek, stainless steel columns, accent panels on reception desks and ceiling and wall grills.


These feature items convey a modern look and feel consistent with the student body, many of whom are pursuing a technical or design education.

Battery Park

In Battery Park, located at the southern tip of the island of Manhattan, overlooking New York harbor, Johnson Architectural Elements provided a portfolio of distinct applications.


6 in. wide, curved drain screens surround the Bosque Fountain.  Sun shade structures cover portions of the Battery Park dog run.  Multiple curved sitting benches as well as walkway fencing all are key features to the grand park.


Chattanooga River Walk

Seven extraordinary light masts adorn the shores of the Chattanooga River in Chattanooga, TN to illuminate the pier in the evening and provide stark visual effects during the day. Each light mast is 12.2m (40 feet) tall and 1m (3 feet) in diameter.  The variable slot openings of the light masts provide a visual effect of changing light colors.


7 World Trade Center

One of Johnson Screens most noted projects is the 7 World Trade Center building in New York City. The third tower to collapse on September 11, 2001, it was also the first to be rebuilt.

Designing and fabricating to exact and critical parameters, including blast-protection, ventilation and reflective properties, Johnson Architectural Elements provided the building with an exterior, double-layered podium facade unlike any other.  Con Edison, the local power company housed their transformers in the first six floors of 7WTC and needed a breathable skin for ventilation and cooling performance.


James Carpenter Design Associates was commissioned to deliver unique illumination properties and was instrumental in the stainless steel panel design inclusive of LED lights from behind which change from white to cobalt blue to reflect off the angled wires.


South Pointe Park

The 18 light masts that adorn the South Pointe Park of Miami Beach, FL stand tall against the bright blue sky during the day, and provide a luminous walkway at night.   


These 6 m / 20 ft tall marvels feature lighting on both the top and bottom of the mast. The color of the lights changes randomly providing an ever changing atmosphere.


In addition to the light masts, there are also 32 shrouds for water fountains scattered along the shoreline.


The Yards – Washington, DC

The Yards Waterfront Park is part of the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood and located just south of the heart of Washington DC.


In this mixed of development and outdoor parks stands a compelling lighted monument welcoming visitors and residents alike.


Johnson Screens designed the structure, which is pyramid-shaped and 20 m / 60 feet tall, to be a beacon for the development and park.  It utilizes the 500 Vee-Wire material, angled at various intervals, to maximize natural and LED reflective during both daylight and night time.


University of Chicago

Bridging the south campus to the north campus at this prestigious University, established in 1891, stands 32 beaming light masts.


The Midway Crossings project encompasses two pedestrian bridges, each with sixteen 40 ft. cylindrical, stainless steel light masts which are internally light with linear LED’s.  The open are of each masts progressively enlarges from bottom to top of each mast. 


A design collaboration with James Carpenter Design Associates, the light masts serve as unique way-finding structures, improving visibility and security while creating a signature element for the campus.


University of Nebraska

Rising 120 feet tall at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in the city of Lincoln is the dramatic and artistic Hope Tower.


Included as the feature element of a comprehensive landscape architecture package, Johnson Screens teamed up with James Carpenter Design Associates to fabricate the magnificent structure. 

The design called for an integration of various materials and suppliers including golden perforated plate panels attached to a complex network of welded tubes, pipes and support structures, delivering a unique honeycomb effect of 15 sections, each 12 feet in diameter.


University of Oregon

The University of Oregon is known for its cutting edge academics, athletics and aesthetics.  On the campus in Eugene, Johnson Architectural Elements provided innovative sunscreen panels for the 3,700 m² / 40,000 ft² state-of-the-art John E. Jaqua Center for Student Athletes.   


Designed by the Portland office of Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects, 1,900 m² / 20,000 ft² of variable-spaced 0.25 in. tri-wire panels allow a mixture of daylight, transparency and drama to the building envelope.


National September 11 Memorial

Working with PWP Landscape Architecture, Johnson Architectural Elements designed and fabricated over 3,048 linear meters (10,000 feet) of custom trench grating at the 9/11 Memorial in New York.


Over 800 300mm x 25 mm (12 in. x 1 in.) sections of 6 mm x 25 mm (0.25 in. x 1 in.) bar-on-bar stainless steel construction traverse across the expansive plaza, providing exceptional drainage performance, uniform precision and durable strength. 


Exacting standards in the design, fabrication and installation ensure enduring aesthetic beauty to this national monument.

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