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Airvac Vacuum Valve

Airvac offers a full-port 3” vacuum interface valve which is pneumatically controlled and designed for handling 3” solids. The valve is made of glass filled polypropylene. All parts are made of corrosion resistant materials. A high flow coefficient (Cv) keeps friction losses to an absolute minimum.

Unique Selling Point

  • The Airvac vacuum valve has a full-port 3-inch opening
  • All components of the vacuum valve are corrosion resistant
  • Updates to Airvac vacuum valves are designed so that the latest models are interchangeable with previous models
  • The Airvac valve is pneumatically operated and no electricity is required at the valve pit or the house
  • The Airvac vacuum valve requires minimal maintenance, is inexpensive to rebuild and has a long life. The geometry of the Airvac valve results in a high Cv factor which keeps friction losses through the valve to a minimum.


The Airvac 3” vacuum valve is vacuum operated on opening and spring assisted on closing. System vacuum ensures positive valve seating. The valve has a 3-inch full-port opening, is made of glass filled polypropylene, and has a stainless steel shaft, delrin bearing and elastomer seals.

The 3” vacuum valve is equipped with a rolling diaphragm-type vacuum operator and is capable of overcoming all sealing forces; and of opening using vacuum from the downstream side of the valve. All materials of the valve are chemically resistant to normal domestic sewage constituents and gases.

The driving force in a vacuum system is the pressure differential that exists between atmosphere and vacuum in the system which occurs when the valve opens. As a result, the only place to impart energy in a vacuum system is at the valve itself. Any loss through the valve further depletes this energy resulting in less energy available for transport within the pipeline. This is especially critical considering that this loss occurs at every valve and during each valve cycle. The flow coefficient (Cv factor) is that flow rate in gpm which would yield a head loss of 1 psi. The Airvac valve is produced with an internal geometry that results in a high Cv factor which keeps friction loss to an absolute minimum. The Airvac valve has the highest Cv factor of any vacuum valve on the market.

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