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Airvac Vacuum Station

A vacuum station is the heart of a vacuum system. Airvac offers several types of vacuum station equipment packages designed to accommodate a wide range of customer needs including the Airvac PacVac and various Airvac Engineered Custom stations.

Unique Selling Point

  • Airvac vacuum stations use only the highest quality components with a proven track record
  • Multiple vacuum station configurations and equipment sizes are available to match customer needs
  • By supplying all of the equipment necessary for a fully functional system, Airvac is providing unit responsibility to the customer
  • Airvac can supply a prefabricated building to house the vacuum station equipment
  • Small vacuum station equipment can be housed in a shipping container and made available to customers on a short term lease basis.


Major components include a collection tank, sewage pumps, vacuum pumps and a control panel. The vacuum station skid is housed in a protective structure and a standby generator keeps the vacuum system in operation during extended power outages.

Sewage enters a collection tank and discharge pumps transfer the sewage through a force main to the treatment plant. Vacuum pumps create negative pressure on the collection tank which is then transferred to the entire piping network via the vacuum mains.

The Airvac PacVac is ideally suited for small to medium-sized projects serving less than 235 connections and/or peak flows less than 150 gpm. All of the mechanical and electrical components are located on a single skid including the vacuum pumps, sewage pumps, collection tank and control panel. The skid is housed in a prefabricated building that can be supplied by either Airvac or the Contractor.

An Airvac Engineered Custom station is ideally suited for larger systems with more than 550 connections and peak flows greater than 350 gpm but can be used with smaller systems as well. With an Engineered Custom vacuum station, Airvac provides all of the internal components on a skid(s) which are housed in a building custom designed by an engineering firm. The Airvac 
skid(s) is typically housed in a two story structure with the vacuum pumps and control panel located on the top floor and the collection tank and sewage pumps on the lower floor.

For customers who need an inexpensive, small vacuum station for an initial phase of a larger system, Airvac also can house the vacuum station in a shipping container and make this available on a short term lease basis.

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