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Trains & Aircraft

Supply and Disposal Systems for Trains - Rail transportation plays a significant role in any national transport infrastructure. The provision of reliable, fast and easy-to-operate servicing technology is becoming more important than ever to railway and airport operators.


Our Railway service product range contains water technology for railway depots and train wash facilities. This includes supply and disposal systems for drinking water and toilet wastewater as well as units for water treatment with water recycling. We supply compact units for inside and outside areas.

All systems are reliable in operation and intuitive to operate. Our fully automatic vacuum removal equipment, which evacuates wastewater from train vehicles odor free and without spillage, are hygienically unique.

As longstanding partner of the Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railway) we have been decisively shaping the development of water-service-equipment for rail depots and workshops. The requirements at the Deutsche Bahn for environmental protection, work safety, hygiene, automation, throughput and reliability have been continuously increasing.

Constant further developments and innovations over decades have enabled us to keep pace with these steadily increasing demands and thus to remain a reliable partner for the Deutsche Bahn. As a result, quality and maturity of our water-service technology is the key to success for international projects.

By means of our supply and disposal units we fill the water vessels of railway vehicles and evacuate the toilet wastewaters out of the wastewater tank using vacuum technology. Our water technology for train wash-units regulates fresh water demand, water recycling and waste water treatment automatically. Water recycling rates of 50-80 % are typical. In winter our de-icing plants clear railway bogie wagons from adhesive ice.

Advantages of our systems

  • Absolute spillage and odor free
  • Rapid and hygienically clean evacuation
  • Fully automatic handling

  • High reliability and steady availability 

  • Simple and robust operational systems

Supply and Disposal Systems for Aircraft

Airport supply and disposal technology on the apron - For airport apron technology our product range comprises of supply systems for drinking water, flushing water and toilet wastewater. After arrival at the airport, the airplanes are directly connected to the under-floor supply and disposal systems.

These are linked to central units in the terminal. The vacuum evacuation systems for wastewater work hygienically and are easy to operate and above all, reliable.

We supply components and installation systems for the supply and disposal from aircrafts concerning such as:

  • Fresh water
  • Flushing water (Blue water)
  • Toilet wastewater

Aircrafts are connected directly at their parking positions to stationary supply and disposal installations. Then, by means of under-floor technology they are linked to central supply and disposal units in the terminal i.e. our systems are easy to handle and absolutely reliable.

The supply and disposal units in the technical utility room in the terminal consist of fresh water treatment, flushing water preparation station, vacuum compact station with exhaust air treatment and wastewater disposal.

For the airport operator this under-floor technology on the apron offers considerable advantages:

  • The apron around the aircraft remains free from devices and vehicles

  • Fewer expensive tanking vehicles with devices for supply and disposal are required

  • Working hours for supply and disposal are clearly reduced
  • Risk mitigation concerning accidents with vehicles and incorrect handling of devices

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