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Roediger is one of the world’s leading brands in the field of waste water and sludge treatment. Later on it also became a leader in vacuum sewerage systems. In 1842 Peter Roediger established Roediger in Hanau.

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Roediger Sewerage Systems – proven technologies for conveying wastewater and innovative solutions for modern supply and disposal systems. As a system supplier Roediger is one of the world’s leading brands in the field of vacuum technology, the brand name Roediger stands for quality and customized solutions.
Our water and sewage experts lead the global product line with long-standing experience in the public as well as private sector. With more than 30 certified representatives, agents and distributors all over the world, the brand Roediger as a part of the global product line Vacuum Technology Systems, offers local services and project development support, with a global strategy to expand especially in the markets of Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
Our offices and factories are equipped with the latest technology and conform to ISO 9001 standards. All parts are assembled and tested in Germany. Quality and reliability are based on over 175 years of experience, know-how and more than 2,000 installations worldwide.

Brand History

Peter Roediger founded the company in 1842, but soon set sights on different fields of application.
In 1999, the company Roediger-Anlagenbau was merged with Passavant-Werke AG to form the company Passavant-Roediger Umwelttechnik GmbH. So, through our 175 year’s history, we established departments for sanitation, gas installations, water treatment, sewerage and finally vacuum technologies which contributed significantly to our success. In the Aqseptence Group Roediger represents together with Airvac the competence center for Vacuum Technology Systems.
Today, Roediger is one of the main key brands of Aqseptence Group GmbH and highlights the importance of it's roots to be a reliable partner to our customers for years.
Our vacuum technology combines the flexibility, the power and the compabitility required, for use in demanding environments.

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