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As a result of its commitment to research and development, Diemme Filtration studies and tests innovative systems and solutions in the delicate process of solid-liquid separation, thus continuously widening and strengthening its unparalleled experience.


Diemme Filtration carries out research in parallel with development:
  • Basic research on fluid dynamics of the pressure filtration process of solid-liquid systems, 
  • Applied research within the company in order to develop new technological solutions on Diemme Filtration filter presses.
Diemme Filtration’s laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment to analyze feed samples and obtain precise information to enable appropriate plant design.

A usual laboratory test includes analyses on:
characterization of sludge or slurry,
choice of conditioners,
filtration tests,
characterization of filtrate and cake

When the jobs are developed the laboratory plays a key role in checking the quality of the filtering parts (filter cloth and plates) and in choosing the polymeric materials, usually through a chemical compatibility test.
At the end of the filtration tests, if necessary, chemical stability tests are carried out on those materials which will come into contact with the product to be filtered, in order to guarantee the suitability of materials used in the filter press.

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